Sunday, March 29, 2015

Basic Skills

In The Sims 2 there are skills that Sims can build and get better at. Some of the skills are shown in the skills tab, some of them are hidden and some of them create talent badges. In Free Time, Apartment Life, Open for Business, Seasons and University expansion packs more skills are added to the base game skills.

Basic skills are the skills shown in the skills tab.

Cooking: Sims can build cooking skill by preparing food, watching the Yummy Channel on TV or by reading a cooking skill book from the bookcase. Higher cooking skill reduces the chance of fire caused by cooking. When the cooking skill increases, Sims learn to cook different meals.
Mechanical: Sims can build mechanical skill by repairing objects, reading mechanical skill from the bookcase or using the TraumaTime “Incision Precision” Surgical Training station in medicine career rewards. Higher mechanical skill reduces the chance of getting electrocuted when repairing electronics and helps Sims to repair objects faster. In Open for Business expansion pack, mechanical skill helps building the Robotic and Toy Making talent badges. In the Free Time expansion pack, doing mechanical skill related actions increases a Sim’s enthusiasm in Tinkering hobby.
Charisma: Sims who are teens or older can build charisma skill by practicing speech or romance on the mirror. Sims who are children or older can build this skill by playing the Execuputter, which is a business career reward. Toddlers can earn charisma skill points by playing with the Rip Co. Wobbly Wabbit Head. Charisma skill helps getting positive results in social interactions.

Body: Sims can build body skill by swimming, using gym equipment, working out using the TV or stereo, doing yoga, using the obstacle course which is a military career reward, using the punching bag which is an athletic career reward, riding the ElectroDance Sphere, bowling, using the Deluxe Log Rolling Pit, using the ballet barre, using the basketball court, doing tai chi, jogging and jumping rope. Kids can also gain body skill by using playground equipment. Body skill increases a Sim’s chance of winning fights and staying on some gym equipment without falling. Body skill also helps pregnant Sims not to throw up.
Logic: Sims can increase Logic skill by playing chess, stargazing through a telescope, using the SimSantro Inc. Biotech Station which is a science career reward and doing the crossword in the newspaper. Toddlers can gain logic skill by playing with a peg toybox. Logic skill increases the chance of winning a chess game, helps getting the Register talent badge and Sims who have 10 logic skill points learn other skills 35% faster except for body and charisma.
Creativity: Sims can gain creativity skill by playing musical instruments, painting pictures, using the SensoTwitch Lie Finder which is a criminal career reward, using the AquaGreen Hydroponic Garden which is a slacker career reward, singing, writing a novel and using the DJ booth. Higher creativity skill makes the instruments sound better and makes the quality and price of the paintings and novels higher.

Cleaning: Sims can build cleaning skill by cleaning dirty objects, reading the cleaning skill book and using Prints Charming Fingerprint Scanner which is a law enforcement career reward. Higher cleaning skill speeds up cleaning.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Witches and warlocks (male witches) are introduced in The Sims 2 Apartment Life expansion pack.
To become a witch, you have to find a witch and become friends. If the witch is good the interaction you should choose is “Teach Me the Ways of the Light”, if the witch is evil, the interaction you should choose is “Teach Me the Path of Darkness”. After this interaction, your Sim will become a good or an evil witch and his/her name will be extended with this alignment. For example, if you make Cassandra Goth an evil witch, her name will be Cassandra Goth the Evil witch. Your Sim will wear a robe and a hat and will have a cauldron and a spell book in his/her inventory. You can change the outfit of the Sim using “Plan Outfit” interaction of the wardrobe without losing the witch powers. Good witches will maintain their normal skin colour whereas evil witches get a green skin colour after they are transformed.
Witches can cast spells, craft different items like potions and reagents, travel to other lots using their broomsticks, teleport between lots and own cats that are called “feline familiars”. Evil witches can also resurrect dead Sims.
To cast spells or create potions, witches need reagents. They can purchase reagents from pre-made witches or craft them in their cauldrons.

There are three types of spells witches can cast: good, neutral and evil. They can study how to cast these spells using their spell books. By studying they gain spell skill points and also can change into evil or good witches by casting good or evil spells. In order to cast the strongest spells, witches should have the maximum level of their alignment.

Some other information about witches are as follows:
  • ·       Witches can be combined with other creatures such as a witch-vampire.
  • ·       Teens, young adults, adults and elders can become witches.
  • ·       Evil and good witches can become friends although they are rivals and evil witches tend to automatically argue or fight with good witches.
  • ·       Good witches cannot buy items from evil witches and evil witches cannot buy items from good witches.
  • ·       With the Open for Business extension pack, items created by witches such as potions and reagents can be put up for sale.
  • ·       Teleporting is the only spell that does not require any reagents

"Good" spells

Appello Servantus:   Summons servant
Beautificus Locus:    Sunny weather
Benemoodus Simae: Increases a Sim's motives     
Benemoodus Populus: Boosts Sims’ happiness
Compello Acceptus: Influences a Sim to accept the next five social interactions.
Creatum Insecto Volucris:  Summons butterflies or fireflies, depending on the time of day (requires Seasons expansion pack)    
Exflammo: Instantly extinguishes a fire
Expello Mortis: Successfully ejects the Grim Reaper and saves a Sim's life
Remedis Simae: Cures sickness
Mactoamicus: Makes other Sim a friend

"Neutral" spells

Appello Cattus Amicus: Summons spectral cat (requires Pets expansion pack)
Appello Simae: Summons a Sim
Aqua Deletus: Removes puddles from a Lot           
Cleanus Corpus: Boosts Sim’s hygiene
Corpus Athleticus: Makes Sim fit
Corpus Fleshicus: Makes Sim fat   
Creatum Nutrimens: Summons food         
Expello Simae: Banishes Sim
Folium Deletus: Clears all the leaves from a Lot (requires Seasons expansion pack)
Magivestigium: Teleport
Magus Mutatio: Introduces a Sim to the craft        
Purgomagus: Dispels magical effects         
Tempus Interruptus: Freezes time, everyone but witches and feline familiars freeze

"Evil" spells

Compello Discrepo: Makes a Sim angry    
Corruptus Locus: Summons thunder and lightning with a swarm of roaches
Lightning summoned by this spell can cause fires or death.
Extractum Amorus: Breaks a Sim up with their spouse
Heavus Ho: Makes a Sim throw up
Inflammo: Sets an object on fire     
Mellifera Attackum: Summons bees to attack a Sim
Servantus Attackum: Summons an evil servant to fight for you
Spiritus Poultria: Possesses the target Sim to act like a chicken
Tabula Rasa: Erases a Sim's memories

Vivificus Zombiae: Resurrects a dead Sim as a Zombie

Go ahead and try all the spells and have fun!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


PlantSims are introduced in The Sims 2: Seasons expansion pack. Sims turn into PlantSims by the extensive use of pesticides while spraying crops and orchard trees. It takes some time to turn a Sim into a PlantSim. Having more orchard trees and crops in their garden will eventually lead to more use of pesticides and it will increase the chance of creating a PlantSim. After spraying pesticides 15 times, further spraying creates 10% chance to turn into a PlantSim. Although they can spray the plants, children, teens and young adults cannot become PlantSims due to the aging nature of PlantSims that I will explain later in this post.
To cure a PlantSim, you can call the Garden Club or the Gypsy Matchmaker to purchase the Plantophic-C potion. In Apartment Life expansion pack, witches can craft this potion in their cauldrons as well.

PlantSims have the ability to talk to plants, and this will increase the plants’ growing speed and health. When PlantSims are cured and go back to being normal Sims, they retain the ability to talk to plants.

Unlike normal Sims, PlantSims have only three needs. These are Love, Water and Sunlight. To fulfill the Love need, they need to interact with other Sims or plants. For Water, they can go swimming, have showers or baths, jump in puddles, stand in the rain or drink water. Sunlight need can be fulfilled by spending time outside during sunny days or spending time in a room with a greenhouse light.
When male and female adult Sims turn into PlantSims, they can grow plant babies without getting pregnant. All you need to do is to click on the active PlantSim and choose “Grow a Plantbaby” option. A toddler PlantSim will be created automatically. These plant babies have shorter lives than other Sims as they turn into adults after the toddler stage is over. They do not go to school or college. However, PlantSims can also reproduce as normal Sims and will not have plant babies with normal reproduction even if both parents are PlantSims.
PlantSims do not have hair on their heads, they have some sort of a plant instead of hair. They also have default outfits made of leaves. The outfits can be changed to normal outfits by using the “Plan Outfit” option of a wardrobe. They can also change into swimwear, formal wear, gym clothes etc. like all other Sims.


Werewolves are introduced in The Sims 2 Pets expansion pack. Werewolves are Sims who are infected with Lycanthropy. They get infected by being bitten by the leader of a pack of wolves walking around the neighborhood at night. A leader can be distinguished from the rest of the pack by its dark coat and yellow eyes. Having toddlers in the lot or adding extra trees and bushes in the garden will also attract the pack leaders.
Lycanthropy can also spread among werewolves. When a werewolf uses the “Savage” interaction on another Sim, the Sim ends up being bitten and gets infected.

Infected Sims transfer into werewolves every night at 8 pm. They return to their normal appearances at 6 am in the morning. When they turn into werewolves, their energy levels get a boost, while they immediately become very hungry.
Werewolves have some special traits:
  • ·       They can drop the bladder need of the non-werewolf Sims around them by half with the “Howl” interaction.
  • ·       They can summon other wolves to the lot when they howl outside.
  • ·       Their personalities change in a few days after they are infected into Neatness, 10 Outgoing, 10 Activeness, 10 Playfulness, and 0 Niceness.
  • ·       Their body skills increase after they are infected.
  • ·       They eat more quickly than other Sims.
  • ·       They do not clean after meals and they are messy in showers and baths.
  • ·       They cheat when playing chess with other Sims.
  • ·       They are able to train the dogs more quickly than other Sims. It takes them 1 hour to teach a command, whereas it takes a non-werewolf Sim 2 hours.
  • ·       Male werewolves have a messy hairstyle at night, whereas females keep the same hairstyle they have during the day. However, werewolves cannot change their appearances at night using the mirror or the makeover bench. They will basically say that they have too much hair.
  • ·       They can fight burglars and they always win the fight.

Usually, Sims with a Knowledge Aspiration want to become werewolves. They want to howl and turn other Sims into werewolves as well. Sims with other aspirations, however, tend to fear becoming a werewolf and they want to be cured immediately after they are infected.

Lycanthropy can be cured by using the Lycanthropic-B potion. Just like Vamprocilin-D potion, you can call the Gypsy Matchmaker in order to purchase this potion or you can purchase it from the Obedience Trainer.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vampirism is introduced in The Sims 2 Nightlife expansion pack. With this expansion pack, you will have a new neighborhood called “Downtown”, where you can find many community lots such as bars and night clubs.

When you take your Sim to a night club at night, there is a great chance of finding a “Grand Vampire” there. Grand vampires are non-playable premade vampire Sims lurking in downtown lots. Their names usually start with Count or Countess based on their gender. They are easy to notice with their blueish pale skin colour and their medieval outfits. When your Sim interacts with a grand vampire and becomes friends with him/her, the grand vampire will bite your Sim and then will start biting all the other Sims on the lot. The only way to stop this is to leave the lot after your Sim gets bitten.
There is no chance of dying after being bitten. Bites only cause Sims to turn into vampires. When Sims become vampires, they will have sharp fangs, red eyes and the same skin colour as the grand vampires. Their everyday outfit will change to medieval style. Newly-bitten vampire Sims can bite other Sims and turn them into vampires as well. However, biting interaction requires a good relationship between Sims.

Why would your Sim want to become a vampire?
  • ·        Vampire Sims can turn into bats and fly around.
  • ·       They can use the interaction called Bleh! to lower the bladder need of other Sims.
  • ·       Teenage vampires can get the undead scholarship to use towards college.
  • ·       The needs of vampire Sims don’t drop during night time.
  • ·       Vampire Sims are immortal and they never grow old. Only teen vampires become young adults and then adults, but after that they stop getting older. Vampire Sims can only die with exposure to sunlight.

Some other features of vampires:

·       Vampire Sims don’t have reflections in the mirror. When they use a mirror, their comfort needs drop.

·       Sometimes, when a Vampire Sim is doing nothing, he/she can bite a Sim in the family or a Sim that he/she has a good relationship with.

·       Vampirism is not genetic. Vampire Sims can reproduce and they have normal babies.

·       Other Sims can call vampires on the phone after 2 am, but they cannot be called between 7 am and 6 pm because it is their sleeping time.

To cure vampirism, your Sim needs to call the Gypsy Matchmaker on the phone and buy and drink Vamprocilin-D potion. This potion can also be made by witches (I will talk about them later). After Sims are cured, they can go on living as normal Sims, but they will no longer have the advantages of vampirism.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Death (continued)

In my previous post, I told you several ways of killing your Sims. There is more! Let’s see how else you can kill your Sims.

7. Get them struck by lightning
With the Seasons expansion pack, your Sims can get struck by lightning. However, just like shocking, they can survive the lightning struck if their needs are full. For a lightning strike, all you need is to get your Sim outside when it is raining. You can increase the chance of getting struck by placing the Sim in a body of water. It can be a puddle of water, a hot tub or a swimming pool.

8. Get them hit by heavy hail
Hail is another way of using the bad weather to kill your Sims, again Seasons expansion pack is required. When a Sim is exposed to heavy hailing outside and their needs are low, they can die.

9. Get them crushed by a satellite
Click on the lawn outside, choose Watch Clouds or Stargaze. If you wait long enough, a satellite will fall down from the sky and crush your Sim. However, you should keep in mind that chances of a satellite falling is the same as alien abduction. So you really need to be patient.

10. Get them eaten by bugs
Put your Sim in a room filled with rotting food and dirty dishes. The flies gathering on these objects will finally swarm and eat your Sim.

11. Let them die of an illness
When your Sim is sick, if you don’t care for them and let them relax, after a certain amount of time the sickness will kill him/her. Sims cannot die of a cold, but if you don’t do anything about it, it can turn into pneumonia and kill them.

12. Expose vampire Sims to sunlight
I am going to tell you how to create vampire Sims and how to care for them in another post, but you should know now that you can kill them by taking them outside during the day. Their needs will drop rapidly and they will die.

13. Get them eaten by Laganaphyllis Simnovorii (the Cowplant)
This one requires University expansion pack.
·       Get your Sim graduated from university.
·       Get a job in the Botanist career.
·       Level up in your job and unlock Laganaphyllis Simnovorii in career rewards.
·       Place it on your lot.
·       Don’t feed it.
·       When it gets hungry, he will lure Sims with a piece of cake.
·       Let the Sim you want to kill grab the cake.
·       The cowplant will eat him/her.

14. Smash them in the elevator

This one requires an elevator available in Apartment Life expansion pack. When your Sim rides a broken elevator when their needs are low, they will get dizzy when they get off and they will die.